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Ann, from Oceanside, CA states, " I used to wake up in the middle of the night scratching my legs because they were so itchy and dry. I apply some Miracle Soothe moisturizer right before I go to bed and now I can sleep through the night."

Carol, from Gloucester, MA states, " Miracle Soothe significantly relieved the itching associated with my tattoos. The relief lasted 24 hours. It is easy to apply and not greasy. The bumps on my tattoo have gone down also. "

Richard, a San Diego, CA resident states " Miracle Soothe really helps my psoriasis. Once I apply it, the itching stops for about 3 days. It works."

Nicole from Bullhead City, Arizona states, " Miracle Soothe really is a miracle in a bottle. I get significant relief from my itchy skin."

Gail from Vista, CA states " After using Miracle Soothe on my back, this is the first time I have been able to sleep through the night in years without waking up from itching. "

Greg from Rancho Bernardo, CA states " I really like this

anti itch moisturizer, it relieves my itching right away."

Marie from Renton, WA states "I use Miracle Soothe when I'm sunburned and it's great. It soothes and cools my skin right away and keeps it moisturized. '

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